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• 6/18/2015

New to the wiki and wanting to help

Hi there. I'm new to the wiki. I started playing TFC about a month ago and have really been enjoying it. I would like to contribute to this wiki, if I can carve out some time. I'm not promising I will have time, but I'd like to try.

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• 6/18/2015

Hi Daeruin, we're happy to have you here! Any contributions are greatly appreciated. Viz and I have been a bit absent lately due to real life getting in the way, but we check in here regularly from time to time.

When you get the time, have a look at our layout and standards discussion - for the time being it isn't much, and at this point we aren't picky about graphics. Basically, just try to keep any graphics as close to pre-existing wiki images as possible.

The wiki isn't much right now, but hopefully we can serve as a worthy extra resource to the official wiki. Hope to see more of your edits in the future (Oh and don't forget to log in before you edit, so you can keep track of your contributions :)

• 6/23/2015

Cool. I did read that discussion. I don't have NEI installed, but I will try to make my screenshots match. Looking forward to contributing.

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